Welcome to my website! I'm so happy to have you

Howdy howdy howdy

This is the homepage for what I'm sure will be a totally normal website (lie).

This web site is a WIP but will mostly be about me and I will not apologise.

Some things I wanna put here:

  • Art n drawings
  • Bits of writing I've done
  • Honestly just some rambling essays
  • Maybe some blog posts
  • other things I'll make

While I'm here though, I think I'll list my Main Special Interests:

  • Social Justice (I don't know if this counts or if i just have, basic human empathy and want things to be better for everyone??)
  • Community building, especially for nuerodivergent/disabled people
  • Movies, TV shows, Youtube, and Twitch streams. If I can watch it/put it on in the background, I'll consume it. Currently focused on: Radio TV Solutions, Owl House, random video essays.
  • Video Games! The Beginners Guide is my favourite game of all time. I'm also currently focused on: MINECRAFT, Disco Elysium, FNAF...(I can't fuckin stand Scott Cawthorn though, don't expect any symathy for him here.)

I haven't had time to make a whole lot but I'll get there. If you wanna make your own website you can go to Neocities.